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SIMPLY CUTE. I played it on my channel though I'm not sure if I got the true ending hehe

It was very cute! I enjoyed playing it on my channel!

Aw, that was awesome! Thank you for checking it out! :D

It's just a black screen when I try executing the app ;v; I don't know what to do, it doesn't work on my browser either..

It's just a black screen when I try executing the app ;v; I don't know what to do, it doesn't work on my browser either..

I covered this on my channel. Loved it!

Cute, loved the art style!!

This game is short but it's fun and I love the style. I really hope it does end up being expanded!


Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed it!

Grampy Katz

hello everybody, I super loved the old style animation used in this game, it has a strong sense of nostalgia for me, plus the characters are just adorable ^_^

I hope more comes from this game in the future ^_^

My video I did for Grampy Kats is up and running:

I am a big sucker when it comes to old cartoons, and when I found out this game I just fell in love with the art style and story of the game. Grampy just wants to go on a date! The simple layout of the game also was very easy and was fun to get Grampy's date Greta some comments on how well we did. I really do hope you and the other team mates who made this game to either continue or make games with the same style because it's just so adorable and fun!

I also did a video on the game if interested in seeing it~

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Hehe, nice game. I found a bug. There were two Grampy Katz when I hit replay after a "Good date", after dressing me again the second gk dissapeared :)

Grampy Katz is the most adorable date ever! :3 I hope I did Greta justice with my "impersonation" ^^"

This was fun! I especially loved the art direction :) I don't see many silent film-esque games.

I also made a let's play of this. Hope I did the game justice!

This was really cute, I loved it!

Beautiful game! I love the music and artstyle, congrats!

For such a simple game, this was really awesome and it took me awhile to get a decent date! I don't know why she kept coming back to me...

This was an awesome game :D

Awesome game haha, it took me longer than expected!

Hahaha! Oh wow. Thanks for playing, that was so funny! Sorry about the junk mail bug. We fixed that in the latest build. We also fixed the awkward date stare at the end bug. Hopefully she's not so stone-hearted anymore! :D

Oh okay. Awesome! Hahah

What an adorable little game! Took me a few tries to finally complete it but I loved every minute of this game! I truly hope to see more from you guys :D

I did a lets play of my experience for those curious:

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Fun game!! But is there actually a way to perfect the game? Did I do it? Or is the game bugged out once you perfect it? Please let me know!

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Ahhh! Thanks for playing! We fixed that pesky junk mail at the last second bug in the latest build. Greta should respond accordingly now when you get the perfect date. :D

Awesome game, you did so many sprites in such little time! Love the music and artstyle, took me a few tries to finally get it perfect. Keep up the great work :)

Aw! Thanks for playing it. So glad you enjoyed it!

Very cool little game! Well done!

Thank you so much for playing it!